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Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea is dedicated to provide the highest quality of most Rare Coffees and Teas with a great sense of warmth and friendliness customer service pride.We focuses in rare blends of coffee beans, teas and traditional bakery in addition to serving and practicing Syphon Coffee and Cha Tao.

Syphon also known as conas or vaculators. This device extracts the natural bean flavor with extended contact with water at exactly the right brewing temperature. Funnel Mill will provide and customize your Syphon coffee as part of ourdaily brewing process to meet your tasting preference.

Cha Tao also known as Tea Ceremony, this knowledge has been practiced in many Asian Pacific countries for thousands of years. Funnel Mill will educate and perform the modified Cha Tao to better serve your modern busy life style. It is not just another beverage! At Funnel Mill, we create an innovative art towards coffee and tea.

Every drink is unique in its individual way. We intend to share the knowledge with you and hope you will truely appreciate and enjoy a good cup of art.

Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea

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