Funnel Mill

Top Quality Matcha Green Tea and Organic Teain Los Angeles

Funnel Mill, located in Los Angeles, only carries top quality matcha green tea and premium quality organic tea blends that are rich in taste and good for health. We take our teas seriously and never settle for anything less than the finest quality.

From the handpicked tea leaves to the final act of serving our guests, each step has been molded and crafted to perfection. We’ve traveled the world and tried a variety of countless teas. Only the best of the best makes it back to Funnel Mill.

Here at Funnel Mill, we have over 30 different teas ranging from certified organic premium green teas, exclusive herbal blends, to Chinese Pu-Erh that has been aged for over 18 years. Each mixture of tea is crafted in a different style.


With Funnel Mill, there is no such thing as one method fits all. Some tea leaves are pan-fired in a wok, slow baked over a charcoal fire, or freshly grounded into powdered form. Other tea leaves require a particular technique during the picking process, then, slowly crafted over a few days.

Each tea blend is taken on their own meticulous and precise step-by-step process to ensure that each cup of tea goodness is created and delivered with the utmost quality, care and perfection for our guests to enjoy in taste, health and in good company.

For more information in regards to our teas, please contact Funnel Mill and we will happy to accommodate your tea needs and desires.

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