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The Best Organic & Biodynamic Coffee Selection in Los Angeles

Funnel Mill offers the best Organic & Biodynamic coffee selections in Los Angeles. We have a wide variety of unique and rare coffees from around the world. From your standard Daily Siphon brew, Espresso + Specialties, Iced cold brew to the Kopi Luwak coffee delicacy, we can do it all! All of our coffees are organic, and some are certified biodynamic. Visit our store for a new gourmet beverage. We are happy to assist your coffee needs and desires!

Here at Funnel Mill, our coffees are siphon brewed. We take at least ten minutes to create your selected coffee. It will be worth the wait. Temperature affects the taste of your coffee. The siphon brewing process defies gravity.

First, we heat water to 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water reaches the proper temperature, the siphoning process begins in the upper glass, then passes through the installed cloth filter and saturates the coffee grounds.

After 1 minute of quick steeping, the bottom bowl starts to cool off and draws down only the cleanest, purest coffee. Siphon-brewed coffee is known for its clean taste and balanced body of dark cocoa and fruitiness from the cherry bean. A well-brewed siphon coffee will not turn acidic after cooling off. As a matter of fact, it actually gets sweeter, unlike many other brewing processes.

Funnel Mill Rare Coffee & Tea

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