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Gourmet Natural Grown and Other Herbal Tea Blends in LA

Funnel Mill exclusively carries and serves the highest quality of gourmet natural grown tea and other herbal teas in LA. We take pride in our work and craft.

Our team of expert tea (and coffee) connoisseurs are passionate about serving our guests with the finest herbal tea blends for premium taste and for health. From start to finish, each tea herbal tea blend is detailed handcrafted with precision and care. Our tea blends are as much for enjoyment as they are for health. We provide a wide variety of top quality tea caffeine free herbal tea blends to cater to the tastes and health of our customers.

All of our herbal blends hold leaves, roots, stems, flowers, and other wholesome components that may better your health and help relieve certain physical and mental pains and issues.

Our Fresh Ginseng tea is known as “Root of Life” because it is thought to increase a sense of wellbeing and stamina by lowering blood glucose, controlling blood pressure, etc.

Ask to try a cup of our Fresh Herbal tea to reap of the benefits of preventing migraines, eye fatigue and body exhaustion. If you’re looking for a more flowery or fruity palate, our Osmanthus Flower, created with deliciously fragrant flowers which carry the scent of ripe peaches or apricots, has been found to nourish lungs, repose the mind, treat bad breath, alleviate headaches, lower blood pressure and beautify skin.

Some say you can smell its highly perfumed scent 9 miles away! To learn more about the numerous health benefits from each of our carefully crafted herbal tea blends, give us a call or stop by our store.

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