, Yunnan 7 Sign Bin Cha


Province/Country: Yunnan / China



A well compressed raw Pu-Erh Bin Cha was known for its wild and powerful character in flavor. This Pu-Erh is made exclusively of leaves picked in the area. The cake is a private reserve from one of the biggest Pu-Erh tea farmer in Yunnan province who went especially to Menghai to supervise the picking and processing of the tea leaves himself. The tea liquor is thick and shinny with a light red-orange color – a sign of well balanced aging. Sufficed to say, after many years of aging, its wild characters was tamed somewhat. It is no longer bitter but starts to show a softer and lovely texture with an attractive flavor. The saliva keeps on coming after drinking it, and the color of the tea liquor is very even brew after brew. A very nice woody undertone is blended with a refreshing floral aroma. There is a malty and hearty feeling in the taste. The liquor, just like the body surface, is extremely clean and pleasant looking. Plum and dried fruit kind of aroma has been developed noticeably in the aftertaste.

Freshly brewed pot serving available in store for $17.50.

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