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Anxi Tikuanyin

Anxi Tikuanyin

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Province/Country: Fujian / China

Tikuanyin teas are native from Fujian province in China. Legend has it that the tea received its name many centuries ago when a farmer tending a temple fell in dire need of funds to repair the temple. The temple had an iron statue of Kuan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion. One night, he prayed to the statue and went to bed. That night, the goddess appeared in his dream and told him that all he needed would be growing on a cliff behind the temple. The next morning, he climbed the cliff, and found a wild tea plant that he transplanted and grew at the temple. He named it the Iron Tikuanyin tea, after the iron statue, and it became so popular that sales from the tea helped to repair the temple. Iron Tikuanyin is also known as Iron Goddess Oolong.

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