Our Story

Our Values

Funnel Mill is dedicated to provide the highest quality of rare coffees and teas with a great sense of warmth and friendly customer service.

We take a great deal of pride in our craft. Every drink is unique in its individual way. We intend to share the knowledge with you, and hope you will truly appreciate a good cup of art.


Teresa grew up in the entertainment industry. Her passion for theatrical design and philosophy came in the early stage of childhood. She regularly traveled with her partners in different countries. At some point, she realized the most unforgettable memories about each place that she visited were food and beverage. She began to draw a vision in the future, that she would one day own a food business of her own, where she could bring the same exquisite memory to her patrons. Many years went by; she moved on with her college life at the California State of the University of Fullerton. She continued her studies in fine arts and never revisited her vision until she met her current partner and husband, JC. They both just clicked with a passionate intuition.


JC started his early culinary career working at his parents' restaurant. He enjoyed and excelled at all front and back of restaurant operations, but was always trying to see what he could do more to help out his parents. Unfortunately, he needed to put the passion on hold. He moved on to his college life at the University of Missouri, where his parents wanted him with a better career path. He soon landed an IT Engineer position at San Francisco after graduating. A few years later, he accepted another offer at Los Angeles, where he met his current partner and wife, Teresa. She inspired and encouraged him to bring his passion, which he had almost forgotten about at his early stage of life.

Teresa and JC started with a mission to bring Funnel Mill to reality. Their philosophy is to prepare fresh, handcrafted Syphone coffee and natural harvest medicinal herbals and teas for the perfect balance of flavor and intensity. With almost two decades of researching and traveling farms worldwide to explores various exotic flavors, they continue to practice the most exquisite craftmanship to satisfy many loyal customers.