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Exceptional Quality Of Rare Coffee and Tea

We are a family own Coffee and Tea shop dedicated to providing the highest quality of rare special coffees and teas from around the world.

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Quality and Care

Only the best makes it back to Funnel Mill. We take the process and quality of products seriously and never settle for anything less than the finest. From the precise handpicked tea leaves or coffee beans to the final act of serving our guests, each step has been crafted to perfection.

Brewing Techniques

How does the Syphon Work?

The syphon brewing process defies gravity.

First, we heat water to 195 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the water reaches the proper temperature, the syphoning process begins in the upper glass, then passes through the installed cloth filter and saturates the coffee grounds. 

After 1 minute of quick steeping, the bottom bowl starts to cool off and draws down only the cleanest, purest coffee. 

Syphone-brewed coffee is known for its clean taste, balanced-body of dark cocoa and fruitiness from the cherry bean. A well-brewed syphon coffee will not turn acidic after cooling off. As a matter of fact, it actually gets sweeter, unlike many other brewing processes. 

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Enjoy Our Coffee At Home

Our beans are carefully handpicked without harmful pesticides. Each year, at the top one percent of shadow grade, we harvest the best organic, naturally grown and biodynamic crops. We focus on the quality of your life. You are not just a customer; you are family.

Costa Rica Las Lajas “Honey Process” #2




Dark Chocolate Truffle


Our Teas

Our teas are carefully handpicked without harmful pesticides. Each year, at high altitude above sea level grade, we harvest the best organic and naturally grown crops. We focus on the quality of your life. You are not just a customer; you are family.

Darjeeling (1st Flush)


Amber High Mountain


Silver Needle King


What People Are Saying

“Wow obsessed. This place is amazing. Top service. But the best part is the tea and coffee. I'm a coffee snob, so if I'm saying it's good, trust me it's good. He uses iced tea or coffee cubes for the iced drink to make sure they don't get diluted, wow best idea, specially for those that take their time having a drink.”

— Nicky T.

“My favorite coffee spot in town,  probably favorite ever? The siphon is a unique way to brew a cup, I can't say I know anywhere else that features it.  Brings out all the flavor, but not nearly as dark or strong tasting, so was a bit surprising the first time.”

— Alex B.

“Come here if you want to learn about coffee! Wow I was blown away. The people I talked to are very into educating you about different types of coffee blends and the menu is a book detailing precisely where the beans are from. Highly recommend. Also great interior decorations with lots of outlets.”

— Cindy L.

930 Broadway, Ste A, Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 393-1617      Text (310) 741-0695

Closed on Labor Day

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