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“Funnel mill turns the everyday cup of joe into an art form. The owners care deeply about their craft, and their passion is palpable

Take the matcha tea as an example: They purchase fresh matcha tea leaves, measure it, and use a traditional hand-carved Japanese matcha grinder to mill the leaves with precision. Too fast, and the leaves will burn. Too slow, then the leaves will not be ground. They proceed to sift the finely grained powder for imperfect particles and use a bamboo whisk with a little water to wet the matcha. Finally, the remaining cup of water is added, and the matcha tea would be whisked with one hand as the other hand rotates the bowl. There are no hiccups in the process, and the result is a gracefully made, umami-packed, fresh ceremonial grade matcha tea. That's only one drink.

Every other drink receives the same special treatment. Ethiopian iced coffee (coffee ice cubes for no dilution). Masala chai latte with soy milk (sharp smell of ginger fills the air). Italian hot chocolate (my kryptonite). Therefore, I will gladly pay the price for this slice of coffee heaven.”

— Vyn S.

“This spot caters to true coffee snobs! That's a compliment. The blends are high quality and rich in taste.

I decided on an iced vanilla latte and it was definitely one of the best I've ever had. I forgave the $6 price tag considering. I appreciated that they served the iced coffee over coffee iced cubes so my drink never became watery. I didn't have to race to finish it. I was able to enjoy the chic yet relaxing setting while nursing my drink.

What's expensive coffee without an equally expensive pastry?! I went with the lemon blueberry cake and wow! It was served warm and even cut for our group to share. The lemon was so light and airy yet made for a moist bite. The blueberries tasted so fresh and were plentiful. This is a dessert that  could be served in a Michelin restaurant. I enjoyed it that much.

If you are game for an upscale coffee experience, do it here. Bike parking available and a super friendly staff. They really went above and beyond to accommodate us.”

— Brittany K.

“This is some of the best coffee in La. They also have an incredible tea selection.

ORGANIC & healthy coffee - side note coffee can be heavily sprayed with pesticides & extremely moldy as well. Ew! Not here!!!! Everyone is friendly. They really love dogs & gave Happy a treat after checking if it was ok first. The space is super comfortable and quiet. Their gluten free case of goodies is HUGE - equal parts gluten free and regular. I love that!”

— Marie C.

“The BEST place to get coffee ever. Nobody can come close to them.

This place knows how to make an actual cappuccino. Not like other places who give you coffee flavored milk, seriously everywhere else! If you enjoy the taste of finery you need to come here. They know coffee like a science. You want to nerd out on coffee the owners will do that with you, if they aren't in the middle of a rush. Everything they do they do to perfection. And they are dog friendly! My only drag would be their schedule but hey they need time off too, right? Enjoy the coffee it's the best!”

— Melquiades P.

“Love, love, love this place.

Very quiet, clean, and the selections of coffees and teas are incredible.  In the reviews I've read, people have mistaken the commitment and professionalism of the employees as being unfriendly.  Incorrect.  If you just hang in there, and realize that people often have a different rhythm than one might expect, you just might be pleasantly surprised.  Everyone there cares very deeply about making the customers happy;  it's just not instantly obvious to some.  Have patience and you will be rewarded.  If you're looking for a standard, predictable experience, this place is not for you.  If you're interested in depth across the board, this is heaven.”

— Jj S.

“True artists of the process of fine coffee preparation.

The price of a cup of coffee here is irrelevant and I enjoyed the pleasant, peaceful atmosphere and ambiance as well as an interesting conversation with Teresa the owner on her expertise and sourcing.”

— Saul M.

“Hands down the best tea I've had in LA, and I'm super picky about my tea.

Staff/owner are courteous and know their stuff! Do yourself a favor and come here!!!”

— Bushra C.

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