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Panama Geisha Esmeralda Lot 2

Panama Geisha Esmeralda Lot 2

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Single Estates

Light Roast from Jaramillo, Panama 

Lot: Mario Carnaval

Altitude: 1,675 m

Body: Mid Nutty and Chocolate

Acidity: Fruity Sweet

Geisha is an heirloom varietal that originated in the wild forests of Ethiopia and was brought to Central American in the 1950’s. Grown on the La Esmeralda Estate in micro-lots, Panama Geisha “Esmeralda Especial” coffee has an extraordinary character, smooth fruity body surface finishing with a strong, unbelievable sweet and caramelized aroma. Roasted stop at 1st crack. Geisha’s citrus, honey notes and light body is unlike any other coffee on the market. This may be the best cup of Syphone coffee that Funnel Mill has to offer.

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